Sunday, August 16, 2009

‘Timeless’ is top mandarin album currently.

1. Khalil Fong (方大同) and ‘Timeless’ (Timeless:可啦思刻) with 28.91% sales (NEW!)
2. New Artist Family (新藝人家族) and ‘Faith Map’ (信心地圖) with 18.53% sales
3. Jam Hsiao (蕭敬騰) and ‘Princess’ (王妃) with 8% sales
4. Shaun Yong Bang (永邦) and ‘Devil’s Tears’ (魔鬼的眼淚) with 5.9% sales (NEW!)
5. Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) and ‘Butterfly’ (花蝴蝶) with 3.03% sales
6. Nylon Chen (陳乃榮) and ‘Paradise’ with 2.79% sales
7. Zhou Bi Chang (周筆暢) and ‘Time’ (時間) with 2% sales
8. Jerry Yan (言承旭) and ‘Freedom’ (多出來的自由:秘密自遊) with 1.5% sales
9. Alisa Gao (高以愛) and ‘Self-titled debut album’ (首張個人專輯) with 0.97% sales
10. A-Mei Chang (張惠妹) and 'Amei-Music Is Transformed' (阿密特) with 0.92% sales

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