Thursday, August 27, 2009

Golden hairstyle has came to the Kpop world

A new trend of golden hairstyle has came to the Kpop world.

There has been a trend for singers to dye their hair golden. From solo debut singer GDragon to So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica to Jewelry ’shin-sang-nyeo’ Seo In Young.

Taking the on and offline music charts by storm, GDragon was the topic amongst netizens when he first revealed his solo album concept, of which includes the eye-catching golden blonde hair.

He is known for trying out all sorts of different hairstyle for each album released – from apple hair to bangs, to mohican. So with this new golden hairstyle, he has once again become the topic amongst netizens.

And also for So Nyeo Shi Dae member Jessica who transformed with a new long blonde hairstyle for the group’s new album ‘Tell Me Your Wish’, is also the hot issue amongst netizens with the recent news that she will star in the Broadway musical ‘Legally Blonde’ coming 14th November.

And just today, with the release of Jewelry’s comeback 6th album ‘Sophisticated’, Seo In Young was seen with a new blonde perm, Marilyn Monroe, which has gained high interests amongst netizens.

Known to be one of the hottest fashion setter in Korea, with even Seo In Young doing the blonde hair, we may just see a new trend of hairstyles amongst the young in Korea.

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