Sunday, August 16, 2009

"The Green Hornet"

According to Hong Kong media reports, the movie version of "The Green Hornet" which Stephen Chow resigned from starring and directing is going to start filming soon, rumoured to be playing the receptionist of The Green Hornet, played by Seth Rogen, Cameron Diaz a few days ago confirmed the news, she also expressed her excitement about working with director Michel Gondry. Cameron Diaz revealed she has met with Jay Chou and they get along well.

Recently Cameron Diaz met with Jay Chou, who is confirmed to be playing Kato, she and the rest of the crew are working hard to prepare for the work ahead, she said: "Seth and Michel Gondry are great, Jay Chou too! We get along well!" At the moment she is studying the old Casey character, she implied both the movie and the character will be new, the role will have a lot of scenes.

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