Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lee Hyun as the winner of his third and final song

Composer Park Shi Hyuk chose 8eight's leader and main vocalist, Lee Hyun as the winner of his third and final song, "30 Minutes Ago" of his three-part "Goodbye" series.

Ever since Park Shi Hyuk announed the completion his final song, there has been many speculation about who would be the lucky singer. Super Junior's Eunhyuk even told Park Shi Hyuk himself that he wanted to sing "30 Minutes Ago" on his radio show, and 2AM and 8eight's fans both raped Park Shi Hyuk's mini-hompi to win his favor.

Why was everyone going crazy over this one song? Well, the answer is simple. Park Shi Hyuk is a hit ballad maker, period. He was the composer of Baek Ji Young's "Like Being Hit By A Bullet" and 8eight's "Without a Heart". These two previous songs were part one and two respectively of Park Shi Hyuk's three-part "Goodbye" series, therefore this upcoming song, "30 Minutes Ago" would be the last of the series, which makes it that much more special.

Park Shi Hyuk said, "From a composer's point of view, I wanted to find someone who would best suit and represent the song, who happened to be Lee Hyun. After recording with him, I realized that he was the perfect decision. When you hear the chorus, you will know exactly why Lee Hyun was the one and only perfect match."

Lee Hyun himself showed quite an interest in this song before he even got chosen. In 8eight's mini concert back in April 25th, Lee Hyun spontaneously, without even telling his own members, publicly asked Park Shi Hyuk if he could sing "30 Minutes Ago".

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