Wednesday, August 26, 2009

TV Asahi drama series "Koshonin ~The Negotiator~"

Last month, it was revealed that the TV Asahi drama series "Koshonin ~The Negotiator~" is getting a movie version next year. It has now been announced that the show will also be getting a second television series this fall.

The original "Koshonin" series aired in 2008, starring Ryoko Yonekura as a police negotiator belonging to a special investigation team (SIT). Yonekura is reprising her role in both the new series "Koshonin 2" and the film "Koshonin the Movie." Takanori Jinnai, Toshio Kakei, and Takashi Sasano are also returning, but the SIT will also have Muga Tsukaji and Ren Yagami as new members.

"Koshonin 2" will air on Thursday nights at 9:00pm, the same time slot as the first series. The premiere episode has been scheduled for October 22. The movie will open in theaters next February.

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