Friday, August 14, 2009

Premier screening of the movie Laughing Gor's

The premier screening of the movie Laughing Gor's Turning Point, which stars Michael Tse, Anthony Wong, Francis Ng, and Cheng Fala, was met with an impressive turnout of over a hundred celebrities. However, Wong left in protest as soon as he arrived due to seating arrangement problems. He raged that the organizers did not arrange a seat for him and criticized, "Don't arrange such things if you don't know how to do it!"

In a tailored white suit, Wong stole the limelight from lead actor Tse who portrays the titular Laughing Gor which made him a household name. In a flashy entrance, Wong walked arm-in-arm with two of the hottest ladies present that night, Koni Liu and Lorretta Chow. He was in a visibly jolly good mood as he jested, "I definitely feel that they are the sexiest girls present. I feel so lucky that I can't express myself in words."

But that jolly mood did not last long as he haughtily left the event soon after he arrived, "I have a ticket but no place to sit atI'm like the supporting actor now. Do I not look angry?!" and continued, "Don't arrange such things if you don't know how to do it! I look like an idiot standing." Despite the actor's rage, a spokesperson of the company explained that Anthony might be merely joking around as there were pre-reserved seats for him.

The spokesperson clarified that there were already pre-reserved seats for the main cast and the director. "Anthony did not say he was angry over this matter. As it was a large-scale event, he was naturally nervous and wanted to take a seat the moment he entered. However, someone told him that the seat was reserved for other guests." She was too busy entertaining others that night and explained that she would have definitely tried to appease him if she knew of the incident. Michael disclosed that the company had no experience in organizing such things and sought for Anthony's forgiveness.

The company will try to make up for their folly by inviting Anthony for the show's screening tonight.

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