Friday, August 14, 2009

Welcome back Won Bin

After Korean actor, Won Bin, recently completed his 2-year national service to the Korean military, he picked up his first project as a mentally-challenged son in the movie Mother. The movie opened big with a box office record when it was first released in Korea. It was also sent to represent Korea in the Oscar's under the Best Foreign Film category.

Mother tells the story of a determined mother (Kim Hye-Ja) who painstakingly searches for the real offender that instigated her mentally-challenged son (Won Bin) to commit a criminal offence. Known for her acting prowess, the film was brought to greater heights with Kim Hye-Ja's moving depiction of a loving mother.

The film's opening was dampened with devastating news of the ex-president's suicide, and casted a cloud of gloom over the people as the nation mourned the passing of a respected leader. Nonetheless, Mother triumphed against its Hollywood contenders, Terminator Salvation and the Tom Hanks vehicle Angels and Demons to clinch the top spot at the box office.

Mother also beat Thirst, which represented the country in the Cannes Film Festival and the highly acclaimed and controversial A Frozen Flower, to Korea's entry for the Best Foreign Film award at the Oscars.

Judges of the panel revealed that it was important for the film to strike a chord and leave an impressionable note in the minds of the American judges. Mother was not only chosen for its stellar acting and storyline, but also because it was directed by the reputable Bong Jun-Ho, best known for his previous smash hit, The Host.

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