Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Tsubasa" is the 80th morning dorama of NHK

The NHK morning dorama eventually had its last scene done on the 14th. Actress Tabe Mikako (20) played the heroine Tamaki Tsubasa and had tears of gratitude rolling down her cheeks as she received all the blessings from her co-actors after the filming of the final scene. "It was really tough on me and I had thoughts of abandoning the project, but the cast and staff always encouraged me to keep on going. It was an experience that I’m never going to forget."

The filming started back on November 05th last year in Kawagoe, Saitama and lasted for about 10 months with 6 major outdoor shootings in the prefecture Saitama. Tabe couldn’t stop crying after realizing that it’s the end of this very long project. She got asked to make the opening comment during the ending ceremony, but she was overcome by emotions and couldn’t hold back her tears. "Errr…. what should I do. I can’t put my feelings into words…"

Then each of the actors and actresses received a bouquet and Tabe was able to calm down a bit again. "That was a long time, wasn’t it?" She commented with a very bright smile. "The ending party will be next. The 10 months passed in no time and for the sake of getting to that day without any major problems, I’d like to have a drink with everyone again and talk about all our memories from the filming at that party."

Tabe also talked about that experience influenced herself. "Being surrounded by so many other performers, I could feel the enjoyment of many people involved. It was the very first thing I noticed at the set and a great encouragement for myself. My viewpoint on doramas changed a lot thanks to that."

"Tsubasa" is the 80th morning dorama of NHK and tells the story of a girl who comes to Kawagoe to substitute for her mother at an old Japanese confectionary shop. The story focuses on themes such as a family and family bonds. The final episode will air on September 26.

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