Thursday, September 10, 2009

36th Korean Broadcast Awards

The 36th Korean Broadcast Awards were held on the 3rd. During the awards ceremony, SNSD's Yoona jokingly stuck out her tongue at the other SNSD members, and now it's a hot topic.

In order to present awards, Yoona was on stage with singer Eun Jiwon. Meanwhile, the other members of SNSD were sitting down waiting to perform. Yoona first looked at the members with an expression saying that she was glad to see them, and then she slightly stuck out her tongue.

A video clip of this was posted on the Internet and it is gaining explosive popularity, with netizens saying, "She's so cute", "Yoona shows her 'Choding [elementary kid] Yoona' side", and "'Eun Choding' and her match well."

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