Friday, September 11, 2009

mini album Released

With the release of their recent mini album , they have transformed from young girls to ladies with their plentiful charms. Their colorful "candy funky" concept from can no longer be found. They have been polished with the color black and they are now giving off a mature feeling. Their foundation is the "one-color" concept they now have-- the one in which the members' individual items are unified. Their stage associates the "discotech" of 1980 in a perfect fashion. Their music video for amply displays their style as well.

#1 Model poses
Jiyoon, Gayoon, Hyunah, Sohyun, and Jihyun (from the left) are walking forward during their music video recording. When the members who have become much more mature stand in front of the camera, the picture is so tense that it feels like it's going to explode. Because they are practicing walking like models, the members' expressions are serious.

#2 "Fashion Leader" Hyunah
Hyunah is showing her individual choreography with her hair firmly tied. The elastic leggings and fluorescent shoes are eye-catching. Hyunah is the team's rapper and she attracts the most attention. In this music video, she copied a hairstyle like that of the character Matilda in the movie .

#3 Took off her sunglasses
During promotions, Jiyoon always wore sunglasses to cover her face. During the performance of , she took off her sunglasses and revealed her face which attracted a lot of attention. Her oval face and vivid expression in her eyes make her look even more charming. In this music video, Jiyoon is the member with the most lines and the revelation of her face is bringing many results.

#4 They display their "trademark" on stage
Gayoon and Jiyoon of 4minute show their trademark hand movement with their mouths wide open as if they are yelling. It's like they're yelling "from my head to my toes, I'm a hot issue."

#5 Mature and womanly softness
The team's leader and also the most womanly member, Jihyun, is inspecting the recording area. Her long, bouncing hair and her casual leather jacket give off a mature feeling. There are lingering rumors that she took care of the other members' health in a very leader-like way on the set of the music video recording.

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