Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Big action drama Iris is about to premiere

Now that big action drama Iris is about to premiere, here’s a look at Kim Tae-hee in new stills from the spy show, where she plays the country’s top profiler. As a member of the NSS (the national security agency), she develops romantic storylines with two of her colleagues, played by Lee Byung-heon and Jung Jun-ho. Actress Kim So-yeon rounds out the main love rectangle as a fellow spy.

This is Kim Tae-hee’s first drama in five years; after her 2004 series Love Story in Harvard, she attempted a jump to film with movies like The Restless and Venus and Mars, but both were flops and she was generally panned for the role. Now two years since her last screen performance, hopefully she has better luck here as part of a very solid ensemble cast; aside from Lee Byung-heon and Jung Jun-ho, it also includes Kim Seung-woo and TOP.

Iris is planned for 20 episodes with a budget of approximately 20 billion won, and premieres on KBS in October.

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