Friday, September 11, 2009

2006 Korean blockbuster hit "200 Pounds Beauty"

It has been confirmed that a sequel to the 2006 Korean blockbuster hit "200 Pounds Beauty" (or literally in Korean "Being a Beautiful Woman is Painful") is currently in the works!

An official of KM Culture (the production company in charge of the film) revealed that the screenplay has been drafted and that the sequel's title will be (in Korean) "Being Mother and Daughter is Painful". Initially, there was plan to make the sequel a continuation of the first movie; however, the production company decided to make the sequel more of a spin-off.

For those of you who haven't watched the first movie, "200 Pounds Beauty" is centered around a female character's quest to win the love of a man by using plastic surgery. Though talented in singing, Hanna (Kim Ah Joong) is unsatisfied with her body image when her music producer & the object of her affections, Sang-Jun (Ju Jin Mo) completely ignores her. She then decides to go under the knife, getting a full-scale head-to-toe procedure that makes her become almost unrecognizable. Hanna, or Jenny, as she later renames herself, transforms into a pop star with all the beauty and talent in the world. She quickly finds out that being beautiful, however, doesn't only have good effects...

The sequel, which will be directed by Kim Jung Min, will deal with the conflicted relationship between a "plastic" mother and non-plastic daughter, who looks just like her mother pre-surgery.

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