Wednesday, September 30, 2009

'Calling For Love' cannot be release.

Idol drama 'Calling For Love' which was originally slated to release on the 18th of October is still unable to get approval from mainland China. Hence, yesterday afternoon, CTS announced that Angie's other drama 'Shanghai Sweetheart' will be replacing. But many of Charlene's fans are extremely angry, and have started heated debates online.

Charlene Choi & Mike He's drama 'Calling For Love' have already stood up the audience twice, both reasons were because they were unable to get approval from China, and hence still has not yet aired. Yesterday, on the CTS official discussion board, there were many angry fans pointing out that CTS has already aired 2 weeks of 'Calling For Love' previews, and they can't just decide not to air it. There were also fans who wanted the producer to 'toughen up' saying: "Why does China have to decide whether a Taiwanese drama can air or not everytime?!" And Charlene has revealed that recently, she is developing health problems and often faints, and hence wants to take a break for 1 year.

CTS is extremely worried about what's going to happen now. Yesterday, they rushed to hold a conference, and decided to air Show Luo & Rainie's drama 'Shanghai Sweetheart', which is still filming, first. 'Shanghai Sweetheart' only recently went to Hang Zhou to film, and now with this recent decision, they are rushing to film to be in time for airing. 'Shanghai Sweetheart' will follow 'Fairy Tales Under The Star' and then 'Calling For Love' will air after that.

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