Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nicholas Tse and Barbie Hsu going film a new movie

Beijing September 30, according to some Hong Kong media reports, Nicholas Tse and Barbie Hsu (Big S) visited Sai Kung Cheng Feng Studio, Hong Kong yesterday (29th September) to film a new movie directed by Director Wing Shya; Hot Summer. The both of them have met years ago but this is the first time they both cooperate in a movie. Nicholas also clarified that wife, Cecelia Cheung is not pregnant.

Nicholas and Big S will be a couple in this movie, however no love scenes. When asked whether is Cecelia at home in process of tocolysis1; Nicholas laughed and said; “Of course not. This topic has been mentioned for more than a year. If yes, tocolysis for more than a year? Don’t be silly! She is in Hong Kong now. Pregnant again? No. We’re working hard. I am back to filming at the moment. Not much time.”

Big S will be playing a “smart” looking girl in this movie. Hence, there will be a lot of motorcycle and action scenes. Big S express that she has problems with the script because they are all in Cantonese. For example, saying the “raft (浮台) in Cantonese is difficult for her. She needs a lot of practice. When asked whether will she meet up with old friend Cecelia? She express that her sister Small S (Dee Hsu) will be coming to Hong Kong. So, if time permits, they will meet.

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