Sunday, September 27, 2009

G-Dragon solo album until the end of the year

Even though YG Entertainment is in a sticky situation with recent plagiarism issues, don’t think that Big Bang's G-Dragon will be on the down low until things get resolved.

Besides performing "Heartbreaker" and "Breathe", rumors have surfaced that YG Entertainment has plans to promote "Butterfly" and " A Boy" simultaneously on the radio and shows. We previously reported that G-Dragon was set to have to give a triple dose of MVs, but the latest buzz is that he will also be shooting music videos for “A Boy” and “Butterfly”. Others are speculating that "She's Gone" may also be made into a music video as well. However, none of these rumors have been confirmed, so everyone is still awaiting YG's verdict.

On top of these promotions and his solo concerts in December, it looks like G-Dragon will be promoting his solo album until the end of the year.

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