Sunday, September 27, 2009

Idol drama: ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’

Blue Lan Zheng Long acted in the idol drama: ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’ for the final day final shoot, and rolled down the hillside himself and smilingly said that from immersing in the marsh to rolling down the hillside, he has experienced it himself and this is considered once started, carry on till the end.

Today, ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’ will air its fascinating finale episode. And Xie Fu An’s love lies with whom? How will the development with Yan Da Feng and Han Dong Jie be? And this is the discussion focus of netizens, Blue Lan said: ‘Majority of the people affirm that this is a HAPPY ENDING, and only to some it may not be.’ And he smilingly said further: ‘Just like the mountain rats, evil people will have retribution.’

In the drama, Xie Fu An (Joe Chen Qiao En) was seized by the mountain rats, Yan Da Feng (Blue Lan Zheng Long) in rescuing her, in the end while grappling was pushed down the cliff by the mountain rats…

To film this scene, the filming crew went to the mountain area of the northern part for two days. As the mountain side was very steep, and for safety reasons, the filming crew uses an extra to represent Blue Lan while rolling down the hill, however after trying for a few rounds, the results was not ideal, and the ‘extra’ keep having NG, it was either he fell in the wrong side, or fell too far away, and Blue Lan having seen the situation, without saying another word, locate a hillside and volunteered to roll down the hillside himself, and the filming crew had a fright with his gesture.

Blue Lan Zheng Long said as an actor, you have to carry out the beginning as well as the finishing. Even it is the final day, you have to perform your job well.

After completing filming of the drama ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’, Blue Lan Zheng Long, Joe Chen Qiao En and Qiu Zie's journeys are fulfilled, whether dramas or advertisements are coming their way constantly; Blue Lan Zheng Long will be going to film a Hunan TV new drama called: 「絲絲心動」 in October and currently besides shooting commercials, and keeping his family accompanied, he will find time to purchase necessary things for a long journey. Joe Chen Qiao En will be filming a new drama called: 「佳期如夢」 in October, Qiu Zie is now filming 「聊齋 3」for one month.

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