Wednesday, September 09, 2009

"Gasp" is to be the only film starring Ge You this year.

Black comedy "Gasp" starring China's most popular comedian, Ge You, has been blasted by criticism from cinemagoers and film critics, despite its box office earnings surging to 40 million yuan in its first week in theaters.

As screenwriter Zheng Zhong's directorial debut, the film - which revolves around a financial swindle involving a bankrupt American businessman and a Chinese speculator, both stricken by the global economic depression - turned out to be a total failure. Viewers have vented their dissatisfaction online, mostly complaining that they were "frustrated by the hysterical acting style of the film" and "couldn't help but drift away while watching it."

Ge You, the most popular actor in the film's cast, has unfortunately become the target of the public's ire. His role in this film is being called "a colossal flop" in his career, with some labeling it "Ge's most inconvincible performance ever".

But director Zheng Zhong, defending his work, said he just managed to keep his personal thought rather than catering to the common taste in the film. Zheng also expressed his regret for Ge You, saying it should have been him who shouldered the criticism in stead of Ge.

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