Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Yojiro Takita's award-winning film "Okuribito"

Over the weekend, movie distributor Shochiku announced that Yojiro Takita's award-winning film "Okuribito" ("Departures") is being adapted as a stage play next year.

The movie stars Masahiro Motoki (43) as a man coming to terms with death in his new job of preparing bodies for burial, while Ryoko Hirosue (29) plays his wife. In the stage version, the couple will be played by Kantaro Nakamura (27) and Lena Tanaka (29).

The concept and the characters will be the same as in the film, but plot details are being changed. The play will be performed at the Akasaka ACT Theater in Tokyo starting on May 28, 2010. Additional performances in Osaka and Nagoya are also planned.

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