Friday, September 04, 2009

Golden Horse Awards on early september

The 3 film kings Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok & Leon Lai and film queens Shu Qi, Zhou Xun, Zhang Zi Yi & Lin Chi Ling have all been submitted for nominations for this year’s Golden Horse Awards, and it’s been said that this year will be the most star-studded one of the history of Golden Horse Awards. Although all the movie stars participate in the beauty exhibition, in reality, their box office results range from $70million to a mere $40,000; the difference is indeed huge.

More than 100 films have been entered for this year’s Golden Horse Awards. The most popular ones include ‘Red Cliff 2’, ‘IP Man’ and ‘Forever Enthralled’. Taiwanese films include ‘Face’, ‘No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti’, ‘How Are You, Dad?’, ‘Yang Yang’ and ‘Heard’. Amongst the films, there are 73 drama films, 15 creative short films, 10 documentaries, and 2 animated films.

In the ‘Best Actress’ battle, there is Shu Qi’s ‘Look For A Star’ & ‘If You Are The One’, Zhou Xun’s ‘The Equation of Love and Death’, and new producer Zhang Zi Yi’s ‘Sophie’s Revenge’ & ‘Forever Enthralled’. Taiwanese entries include Lin Chi Ling’s ‘Red Cliff 2’, Zhang Rong Rong’s ‘Yang Yang’ and Ivy Chen’s ‘Heard’.

Amongst the box office results, Lin Chi Ling’s ‘Red Cliff 2’ is the highest, grossing a total of $71.24million, followed by Shu Qi’s ‘If You Are The One’ with $1.63million, Zhang Rong Rong’s ‘Yang Yang’ with $630,000 and Zhou Xun’s ‘The Equation Of Love and Death’ the lowest, grossing only $40,000.

As for the ‘Best Actor’ battle, there is Aaron Kwok’s ‘Empire of Silver’ and ‘Murderer’, along with Andy Lau & Leon Lai’s ‘Look For A Star’ and ‘Forever Enthralled’ respectively. And the new generation of Taiwanese male actors include Viter Fan Zhi Wei’s ‘Prince of Tears’, Joseph Chang’s ‘Step By Step’, Eddie Peng’s ‘Heard’ and Bryant Chang’s ‘Invitation Only’ and ‘Yang Yang’ respectively.

According to online statistics, among the above films that have already been released, Aaron Kwok’s ‘Empire of Silver’ grossed the most at box office with $11.74million, followed by Leon Lai’s ‘Forever Enthralled’ with $8.8million, Bryant Chang’s ‘Invitation Only’ with $3.17million, Eddie Peng’s ‘Heard’ with $890,000, Bryant Chang’s ‘Yang Yang’ with $780,000, Andy Lau’s ‘Look For A Star’ with $670,000 and Joseph Chang’s ‘Step By Step’ with $510,000.

The review work for this year’s Golden Horse Awards is expected to begin in early September. The nomination list will be revealed on the 7th of October, and the awards ceremony will be held on the 28th of November, where the winners will be announced.

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