Friday, September 04, 2009

New movie "The Green Hornet"

Jay Chou is right now in preparation for the new movie "The Green Hornet", he didn't loosen up to say whether he would be able to release an album this year, yet fans in Mainland China have stated that Vincent Fang has exposed that Jay's new album is called "Jue Shi Chao Lun", which contains 15 new songs, Chinese style songs take up half of those.

Among the 15 songs, besides Jay Chou working with lyricists Vincent Fang and Huang Jun Lang, unexpectedly "J girl" Vivian Hsu is also in the list. When Jay Chou first debuted, Vivian Hsu once wrote "Tornado", "Istanbul", "Lovable Woman" and many more for him, at the time there were rumours the two were together, they travelled in Japan together on the subway, now it's already been 8 years since then, it has been rumoured that Vivian Hsu has written a sweet lovers' song "Happy Ferris Wheel" and "Don't Want You To Go".

To this, Jay Chou's JVR Music promotion planner Zhang Lan Yun expressed, every year before Jay Chou releases an album, people online think up imaginative album and track names, he thanked the people online for their creativity but this isn't real.

Vivian Hsu's parent company Warner Music expressed, people online have a lot of imagination, all they can do is laugh it off.

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