Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Latest upcoming movie, PandaMan

After recently completing the production for his latest upcoming movie, PandaMan, Jay Chou immediately took off to Hollywood for the shooting of The Green Hornet, where he plays Kato, the sidekick to Seth Rogen’s titular Green Hornet. Apart from that, the multi-hyphenate and multiple-award winning singer also wrapped up his concert tour, leaving eager fans with no news about his upcoming music album.

Staunchly sticking to his promise of producing one album a year, Jay shared that he had finished composing ten new songs for his upcoming album. Due to work commitments, however, he will be recording and producing it in the States, where he is presently working, instead of Taiwan.

A prolific name in the industry, Jay can be constantly seen and heard helping out his younger juniors with their musical forays. The singer laughed as he reminisced about his music debut from a singing competition in his younger days, “Look at the competition as a form of game. You must acknowledge yourself to be the number one in your heart – no matter what the judges say. This is the most important point!”

To look more realistic in the role of Kato in The Green Hornet, Jay willingly piled on weight for the movie and was even teased by the media for his weight gain and double-chin. Despite the weight gain, diehard fans of the singer remain unperturbed and remarked, “The fit and meaty Jay still looks really handsome!”

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