Thursday, September 03, 2009

New album entitled [有一天] (Translated as One Day)

Linda Chung attended a radio interview hosted by CRHK yesterday. She revealed that her new album will be released on 12th November and she said that the date has been fixed by her company. She also promoted her self-written song [日夜想你] - [translated as Thinking About You Day and Night] through the radio broadcast yesterday.

Linda said that she was writing the song for the sake of fun and she did not expect that her company would have chosen this song out of the 10 songs in her album as the theme song and to be used for promotion. She said she was nervous about this. Asked if she has thought about anyone when she was writing the song. She said : [I thought about my experience and the guy that I met in the past]. Asked if she thought about Raymond. She replied: [No]. He is not one of them? She said: [No]. The host went further and asked her if there is a chance for both of you to develop further. Linda replied : [I don't know, let God make the decision].

Hopes for a vigorous and romantic love

Linda's album will be based on the theme 'love story' and will be incorporating songs that would reveal her love story. Linda said that she is longing for a vigorous and romantic love in future. Asked if she has experienced them before? She said when she was dating as young girl, everything seems to be vigorous and romantic.

She revealed that one of the songs in her new album entitled [有一天] (Translated as One Day) was one song that she and her brother wrote when they were in the kitchen back home in Vancouver. She said Wong Cho Lam wrote the lyrics for her. Besides, Linda has applied for a short term leave from TVB, she said she would like to concentrate on her album promotion.

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