Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Popular African-American singer of Japanese

Jero, a popular African-American singer of Japanese melancholic ‘‘enka’’ songs, showed interest recently in acting while pledging to keep doing his best as a successful singer. ‘‘I’ll keep singing as a pro for the rest of my life. But I’m also ready to do many other things. I’m interested in playing a kind of gangster if I have a chance to act,’’ Jero said during a concert in Tokyo.

Jero who made an impressive debut in Japan last year, was on the road for his first nationwide tour in 35 locations starting Aug 23. ‘‘I’m very happy because I had repeatedly said since earlier this year that I wanted to have concerts,’’ Jero said. Jero, who released the new song ‘‘Tsumeato’’ (Scar) on a melancholy love in August, also said he will try to perform in the ‘‘Kohaku’’ Red & White Year-end Song Festival of NHK, a nationwide televised popular song show.

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