Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Upcoming movie, "The Message"

After breaking up with his agent E.E. Media, singer Chen Chusheng looks likely to sign a deal with China's largest private entertainment group, Huayi Bro., reports.

The champion of the 2007 singing talent show "Super Boy" showed up at a press conference in Beijing alongside Yuan Tao, the president of Huayi Music, as the title song composer and singer of Huayi Bro.'s upcoming movie, "The Message".

"Negotiations between Huayi Music and Chen are in the final stages, with only a few details to be discussed," Yuan Tao was quoted as saying.

If things go smoothly the two sides will sign a minimum six-year contract by the end of September, Yuan said.

He denied that the label will pay the breach penalty to E.E. Media for the singer, which was rumored to reach 6.5 million yuan.

"Chusheng is discussing with his lawyer to see if it is possible for him to pay by installments," Yuan said.
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