Friday, September 25, 2009

Romance film will open in Korea

Chinese actress Gao Yuanyuan and South Korean actor Jung Woo Sung, will appear in a photo shoot to be published in the October issue of "Vogue," reports.

The two actors recently worked together in a joint Korean-Chinese movie entitled "Season of Good Rain," or "Chengdu, I Love You."

Their latest movie, directed by Heo Jin Ho, tells the story of a couple who first meet as students in the United States and encounter each other years later in Chengdu and realize that they are still in love.

The film's title "Season of Good Rain" comes from a poem by ancient Chinese poet Du Fu from the Tang Dynasty, which begins with the verse "Good rain knows when to come; it awaits the spring to fall."

Heo Jin Ho, the film's talented Korean director, was inspired by the poem which reflects the theme of the melodrama about the importance of timing in relationships.

The romance film will open in Korea on October 8 and in China in early October.

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