Friday, September 25, 2009

Upcoming music album Fifth Floor’s Happiness

At a recent press conference held in Taiwan for his upcoming music album Fifth Floor’s Happiness, Hong Kong Cantopop singer Eason Chan flies into a rage at the mention of his rumours with fellow singer, Kay Tse. “Am I supposed to bring my wife along for this press conference now?”

The singer appeared at the press conference after having only a few hours of sleep from shooting. Donning shades and a messy hairstyle, Eason explained his stance on the ongoing rumours. “I don’t understand how it can still be spreading? Did I or did my manager offend anybody? Or did Kay, her husband or her manager offend anybody? I feel that someone is behind all these.”

Eason shared that he and his wife, Hilary Tsui, have not particularly discussed about this issue. As he spoke on, the aggravated singer snapped, “I’ve said it but none of you will believe it. Your IQ levels should be better than the Hong Kong media’s.”

At the mention of his daughter, the pricked singer retorted angrily, “My life is not all about my wife, daughter and my marriage. All these topics are a bit too over. It is very tiring to be always talking about someone’s private matters.”

The singer’s mood visibly lightened when the topic was shifted to his latest music album. Eason’s recording company organized a promotional event that promised a money-back guarantee to listeners who are unsatisfied with his music album. “Who thought of this? How can you return the goods? Isn’t it overly confident… I’m a little nervous.”

“Five days is too long, one day will be just nice,” he joked.

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