Friday, September 25, 2009

Taegoon at MBC's Music Core.

T-ara goes on stage together with Taegoon at MBC's Music Core.

Taegoon takes the empty place of Cho Shin Sung and helps out T-ara at this week's Music Core on 26th. They will perform together 'TTL (Time To Love)'.

T-ara published their digital single, they did together with Cho Shin Sung, on 15th and are now active with their project single 'TTL (Time To Love)'. Cho Shin Sung published their Japan debut single 'キミだけをずっと'('kimi datte wo zutto') on 9th. The single takes 5th place of the daily oricon charts and 7th of the weekly charts.

For the activities of 'TTL' they came back from Japan urgently on the 15th and were active for a week in Korea. Having planned a Live Concert in Osaka on 25th and in Tokyo on 27th, they went back to Japan.

Taegoon is currently active with 'Betrayed', but to be able to show a new image to the fans, he works hard practicing the choreography for TTL together with T-ara.

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