Monday, September 28, 2009

Together one girlgroup performing on stage

After School UEE, KARA Han SeungYeon, Brown Eyed Girls GaIn and 4Minute HyunA will come together as one girlgroup performing on stage.

There has been some rumours going around netizens about the ace members from various girlgroups coming together as one special project.

A netizen has uploaded photos of UEE, Han SeungYeon, GaIn, HyunA at an undisclosed place in Seoul for a photoshoot online recently and the rumour started from there. Especially since the members are the core members from their own groups, it has attracted more attention from the netizens.

With that a corresponding staff revealed on 28th September, “There are plans for UEE, Han SeungYeon, GaIn and HyunA to come together as a project group promoting this October.”
With only the members to this project group revealed, netizens are curious for more information like MV filming and album releases.

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