Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Wedding of The Year

To prepare themselves for ‘The Wedding of The Year’, the bridesmaids and groomsmen of local MediaCorp artistes, Christopher Lee and Fann Wong were up and about at 4am early this morning. The girls headed to Shangri-La hotel for hair and makeup before they made their way to Fann’s house for the groom’s arrival.

Fellow MediaCorp artiste, Patricia Mok, led the pack of eight bridesmaids which consists of Constance Song, Yilin, Dawn Yeoh, Fan Wen Qing (Fann’s sister) and many more. The chatty girls were at all smiles, patiently waiting for Chris’s arrival at Fann’s Boulevard Residences apartment.

At 7.30am sharp, Chris finally arrived at the lobby of Fann’s apartment with his gang of 20 brothers which includes both current and ex-MediaCorp actors. The “sisters” immediately got their act together and informed the groom that he had to go through four different tests before he can finally pick up his lovely bride.

The first test: Curry rice

For the first round, Patricia specially purchased Chris’s favourite dish, curry rice and explained, “Chris will have the ability to care for himself and for the rest of Fann’s life after eating the curry rice.”

The groom and his ravenous bunch of “brothers” gobbled the five packets of curry rice in a span of five minutes, easily completing the first round of test. To prevent the groom from dirtying himself, Fann’s thoughtful bridesmaids even arranged for Chris to don a bathrobe over his tailored suit.

The second test: Porridge with wine

Following their courtship story which saw Chris cooking a bowl of porridge for Fann when she was sick, Patricia specially prepared a bowl of porridge with additional ingredients for the unsuspecting groom. She poured in a generous amount of vodka and XO wine into the porridge and chuckled, “You really love alcohol!”

Before Chris could help himself to the concoction of porridge and alcohol, Patricia exclaimed, “I want a mouth! I want Chris to feed me!”

After complying with her requests, the actress cheekily commented, “Not bad!” The second round also proved to an easy feat for Chris and his band of brothers as they gobbled it up in a few months.

The third test: Name your past collaborations

After two satisfying meals, Chris was posed with a memory challenge next and had to write down the titles of his past 10 collaborations with his bride. The confident groom beamed from ear to ear and said, “Apart from me, who else will be clearer about this? Let me tell you, we have not collaborated for more than 10 productions!”

The groom proceeded to list his nine different productions with Fann. The motley crew of sisters requested for another production title and was teased by Chris’s groomsmen for their mix-up.

Patricia gamely volunteered to do pushups to amend for their mistake despite her fellow sisters’ protests. It was a close shave for the girls as the groomsmen attempted to break through their barrier and almost made their way through the lobby doors up to Fann’s apartment.

The fourth test: Kiss the white radish

Chris’s last test was also the trickiest test prepared for him. The cheeky Patricia wanted to test his “kissing skills” and inserted a coin into a white radish and wanted Chris to extract the coin with his mouth.

The groom protested, “My kissing skills are no good! Fann knows it too!” Despite his initial protests, he had no choice but to comply with the test. After a few attempts, he finally succeeded in extracting the coin in one big breath.
The entire gatecrash session between Fann’s group of sisters and Chris’s brothers lasted for a good 30minutes and the anxious groom finally made his way up to Fann’s apartment at 8.05am.

At 8.25am, together with Fann and her father, the trio arrived at the lobby basement. Following Chinese traditions, Fann’s father held a red umbrella over his darling daughter whose face radiated with happiness as she walked out of the elevator with her arms tightly linked with Chris’s.

Politely thanking reporters for their well-wishes and blessings, the newly-weds proceeded with their wedding rituals and left for their next wedding destination at Shangri-La hotel for the tea-ceremony.

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