Sunday, October 18, 2009

2009 World Tour Concert in Hong Kong from S.H.E

With the anticipation of all their passionate fans, S.H.E finally launched their 2009 World Tour Concert with an explosive debut performance in Hong Kong. The trio lives up to their promise to their fans and filled their evening with a visual and audio extravaganza.

Under the glittering blue stage lights, a remix version of [Super Star] rocked the whole coliseum when the first note was played. The trio appeared dressed as Genies, in vivid colours of red, blue and white. At the sight of the trio, the crowd roared with cheers to welcome them. As the backdrop of the stage changed, the trio subsequently transformed into 3 sexily dressed ladies, and the already "HIGH" concert mood heightened further as the trio entertained the crowd with their songs and dances.

During the concert, S.H.E performed over 30 songs, with numbers from the time they entered the entertainment industry to recent new songs. Fans enjoyed the concert immensely and the whole coliseum was filled with an ocean of luminous lights. The trio reciprocated everyone's enthusiasm with their passion, and delivered their promise of a grand metamorphosis in their music journey, before the very eyes of the media and their fans.

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