Sunday, October 18, 2009

Show Luo (Xiao Zhu) nominated for Golden Bell Best Actor

Show Luo (Xiao Zhu), who is nominated for Golden Bell Best Actor, brought with him a photo of his father, who has past away. He said, “I hope that the whole family’s energy can be together.” As for Cheryl Yang, who’s nominated for Best Actress, was the busiest nominee. Before the awards ceremony she was still in a hurry to grab some money; she attended the Swarovski event and earned 200 thousand dollars.

Show Luo, for his performance in “Hot Shot,” was nominated again for Golden Bell Best Actor. Last night, he brought with him the family photo that his fans created for him as a lucky charm. In the photo, to the left of Show should have been his grandmother, but his fans changed it to Show’s father, who has past away already. He said, “Whenever there are some events, I will bring my family photo. My father won’t miss out because the whole family’s power has to be together.”

As for Show’s competitor, Mark Zhao, who was nominated based on his performance in “Black&White,” was actually filming the movie “MONGA” yesterday until next morning. He woke up in the afternoon and then hurriedly went to trim his hair. His father, Allen Zhao, wrote him a note on the chair telling him to not look too heavily upon winning and losing. He said, “I’m not nervous at all because I just cannot be me.”

Cheryl Yang, who was nominated for Best Actress with her performance in “My Queen,” was extremely busy yesterday. 7:00 in the morning, she started working on her make-up and outfit. At noon she first had to take some photo shoots. Even just three hours before the Golden Bell Awards ceremony, she attended Austria’s crystal brand, Swarovski, Taipei 101 new store grand opening event. She really took advantage of time to earn money. She actually said, “I definitely won’t work that hard! I just always like this brand, that’s why I have to personally congratulate their new store grand opening even if I’m really busy.”

Afterward, at 4:00 in the afternoon, Cheryl immediately went to the hairstylist to prepare for the Golden Bell Awards ceremony. She nervously said, “I didn’t have much feelings before, but this morning I suddenly felt uneasy.”

She expressed that not matter if get wins Best Actress or not, she found out that she’s going to Malaysia with Ethan Ruan to promote “My Queen,” she’s already the most popular and busiest nominee.

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