Friday, October 30, 2009

2pm comback new album release

Following the chain of speculations and discussions after the date 10th November was stated as PM’s comeback new album release date on Cyworld on 28th October, the release date for the album was taken down from Cyworld on 30th October.

And on 28th October, fan union Underground handed over 6192 passbooks with 11,000 KRW in each to JYP headquarters in ChungDamDong, asking to return JaeBum to the group with the money the fans will be using to buy 2PM’s upcoming album.

The album release date and also new song preview release date on Cyworld and Melon respectively was posted up 2 days back.

But on 29th and 30th October, the dates were taken down from the sites.

And at the same time, on 28th October, 2PM fan union Underground return 6192 passbooks with 11,ooo KRW deposited in each one to JYP Entertainment. In each passbook is written, “We wish to use the money meant to buy 2PM’s new album for JaeBum to return” and “I ♡ 재범” at the back of the passbook.

UnderGround members revealed that this is one of their boycott measures to demand for JaeBum to return to 2PM.

And for this boycott exercise, fans from middle and high school, college, working adults in their 20s and 40s, parents and also overseas fans were mobilized.

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