Friday, October 30, 2009

Yoga Lin's singing and acting

Yoga Lin's first good in singing and then followed by acting. Besides having his own unique ideas when it comes to music, this time round, Yoga will be stepping into the movie industry. "Angel on a Pinhead", a short movie clip, will be his debut performance on the big screen and he'll be the male lead.

For Yoga's previous album "Mystery", HIM invited director Yi Zhi Yan from "Blue Gate Crossing" to use his movie style of filming to direct the "Bo Le" MV. During that period, director Yi Zhi Yan already praised Yoga for having talent in acting. This time round, Yoga will be working with well-known up and rising director Wu Mi Sen who filmed "Fluffy Rhapsody" and "Amour-LEGENDE". Yoga has never acted in any drama before and thus, this chance of filming a movie is a great surprise to him.

During his first trial attempt, he couldn't correctly gauge the expression and might he should exert and the director guided him by saying "Just think about how you'll react when you're pricked by a needle. Act out that kind of feeling." Yoga followed this advice and during the actual filming, his natural and sincere acting was approved by director Wu who even praised Yoga for being very talented. The short movie film 'Angel on a Pinhead" completed filming in 70 hours.

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