Sunday, October 25, 2009

Actors were at New Shaolin Temple

Jackie Chan, Andy Lau and other actors were at Shaolin Temple for the press conference of New Shaolin Temple, the abbot entertained them in the abbot room with blessings and recitation.

In addition, the abbot also prepared 5 precious swords as present for Emperor Group’s boss Albert Yeung Sau-Shing and other cast, they were also asked to autograph on the register as memoir.

Andy whom had been cast as a swordsman several times, draw out the sword when he received the sword, all his actions stunned Fan Bingbing and even Nicholas Tse and Wu Jing was attracted by Andy’s skill.

Andy said: “When I received the sword from the abbot, he told me not to treat this sword as a weapon, look it as a peaceful thing, this way you will know to cherish it, the abbot’s words are meaningful, it seems as a message to asking all to learn to let go, don’t be too persistent, this present is really meaningful.”

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