Sunday, October 25, 2009

Amuro Namie ninth original album on December 16th

Popular singer Amuro Namie has announced the release of her long-awaited ninth original album for December 16th.

It has been over two years since namie's latest album PLAY came out. This new album, though currently untitled, is being hyped by the media and her fans due to the release of her explosive best-of album BEST FICTION in July 2008, which has sold over 1,700,000 copies since its release date.

The album is expected to come with a total of 12 tracks, including all four songs used in "Vidal Saasson" commercials: WILD, Dr., COPY THAT and MY LOVE. It will go on sale in both CD and CD+DVD editions, with the latter including the music videos of WILD, Dr. and four other brand-new tracks.

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