Saturday, October 10, 2009

Album "Us" release in Korea on October 19

Photos of SHINee member Jonghyun have been released to promote their new album, according to a press release by their agency Friday.

The group, set for a comeback with their third mini-album "2009, Year Of Us", is releasing photographs of each of five members sequentially from October 9 thru October 13.

The first of the series shows Jonghyun dressed in a glam-and-chic fashion look with a newly-dyed hair color. The group reportedly changed their fashion style for the new album.

The pictures are available on the group's official website, and a teaser video will be out as well on October 13.

SHINee, one of the most popular idol groups in Korea, has had several hits including their debut single "Older Girl, You're So Pretty" and the recent chart topper "Juliette" from their previous mini-album released five months ago.

The album "Us" will be out in Korea on October 19.

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