Saturday, October 10, 2009

Big Bang DaeSung will be at Dream Concert

Big Bang DaeSung will be performing on stage on Dream Concert coming 10th October. This will be his first time going on the stage to perform 60 days after his car accident in August.

Big Bang will be performing in full team as 5 members on the day of Dream Concert.

A YG representative said on 9th October “DaeSung will be performing for Dream Concert. Even though until yesterday it was said that it is hard for him to perform on stage given he is still recuperating, DaeSung himself and fans will want to see Big Bang perform as 5 members again.”

“DaeSung can dance on stage, but his health is not in its perfect condition now. But he wishes to perform on such a big event.”

But with his health still not at its prime yet, it is not confirmed yet if DaeSung will perform how many songs. A staff said, “We are still deciding on what performance will DaeSung join. Big Bang will be singing about 2 songs, and we have prepared one joint performance with 2NE1.”

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