Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ariel went for vacation after completion her record promotions

After completing her record promotions, Ariel and her mom went to Chiang Mai in Thailand for vacation. During the five-day trip, aside from riding an elephant and going to SPA, she also went to a culinary school to learn how to cook Thai food. After returning to Taiwan, she felt it still wasn’t enough. She said: “The pace of life in Chiang Mai is slow. I would like to go the Maldives next, space out and bask in the sun.”

Ariel is last year’s Golden Bell Awardee for best actress. After winning, she faced several setbacks, including the suspension of the shooting of [a new series] “Skip Beat” and seeing her album “Blissful Encounter” with a wrong character 「幸」 printed on the cover. A lot of people suspected it was the “Golden Bell” curse, but she viewed it with an open-mind: “Everything [that happens in life] is either a fortune or misfortune [*something like good and bad co-exists in life and you can’t really avoid them]. Even if there [were such a curse], then just consider it a test for the year.”

Ariel, who’s been busy rehearsing for a play, “Man and Woman, War and Peace,” admitted to feeling quite perturbed, mainly because there have been “too many natural disasters” this year. Somebody advised her “to enjoy the applause at the peaks [in life] and enjoy life during the lows.” She laughed and replied: “If I needed to hear the sound of applause, I can just clap my hands lah!"

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