Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Album "LOVE is Best" will be out next month

Singer-songwriter Ai Otsuka (27) has recorded her first collaborative song, titled "aisu x time." Her partner for the project is rapper SU (35) of the hip-hop unit RIP SLYME.

The song will be included on Otsuka's "LOVE is Best" compilation, which goes on sale on November 11. While selecting the tracks for the album, Otsuka came up with the idea of doing a new version of her "One x Time" with a hip-hop flavor. As a fan of RIP SLYME's music, she invited SU to do the collaboration with her.

The "aisu" in the title refers both to the song's theme of love and the names of the two artists.

Although "LOVE is Best" will not be out until next month, "aisu x time" will be available as a chaku-uta starting on October 14.

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