Monday, October 05, 2009

Dong Bang Shin Ki 3rd concert tour ‘MIROTIC’ in Shanghai China

Asia top group Dong Bang Shin Ki held their 3rd concert tour ‘MIROTIC’ in Shanghai China after performing in other cities like Seoul, NanJing, BeiJing etc.

The concert took place on 2nd October and it saw a crowd of 40,000 fans at the concert.

This concert was very much sought after by fans since currently 3 members from the group Hero JaeJoong, Xiah Junsu and Micky YooChun are involved in a court case with their management company SM Entertainment.

Fans did a ‘Believe’ event at the concert, and the concert performances also saw tears flowing from fans and from the Dong Bang Shin Ki members.

The group is back in ShangHai after 1 year since their ‘SMTown Live 08′ concert held last September. They performed around 26 songs at the concert, from solo performances to group performances of their past hits and songs from the recently 4th Korean album.

Fans did an event for the group at the concert, all of them were holding on to placards writing ‘Believe’ in Korean. This was fans’ message to the group to stay as 1 group amidst their current court trial against their company. The event brought tears to fans’ and Dong Bang Shin Ki members’ eyes.

Dong Bang Shin Ki also tried to greet their fans in Mandarin and fan services like saying “Do you miss me?” in Mandarin.

They end off the concert saying, “This is a beautiful performance. And we will never forget how touched we are.” And leader UKnow YunHo ended with a ment saying, “Five of us will never leave”.

Meanwhile, the trial between the 3 members and their company is still going on.

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