Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Drama "Letter 1949" release soon

CTS 8pm drama "Letter 1949" is airing soon but two days ago, Lin Yo Wei's manager Pan Chong Wei angrily withdrew him from all promotion activities as it was rumored that there were pictures of Lin Yo Wei's nude bed scene that were leaked. He angrily criticized the production team "That day, Yo Wei only filmed the nude scene that was suddenly added in by the director due to his professionalism as an actor. Yet the production crew did not keep to strict rules and allowed for the pictures to get leaked. From now onwards, we refuse to participate in any promotion activity for this drama."

The bed scene where the nude pictures leaked were taken, consisted of male and female actor Lin Yo Wei and Yin Xin. When the scene was filmed in Shanghai that time, director Chen Ming Zhang found the atmosphere and feelings to be very appropriate and thus made a sudden request for Lin Yo Wei to go nude while Yin Xin appears in a sexy nightgown. Besides having an exciting bed activity, Lin Yo Wei even walked down from the bed and allowed the director to film his back view. His buttocks were captured. It is understood that the nudity photos that were leaked were of that scene.

Pan Chong Wei angrily declared yesterday that when the assistant present at the film site called to inform him that Yo Wei agreed to full nudity, he felt that it was not appropriate already. After discussion with the production team, they promised to delete the scene. He said "There isn't a need for such nudity for a television drama. If its really for the drama, then so be it. Why are there photos then? Who took the photos? Wasn't the film site was cleared already?"

Two days ago, when the leaked photos came out, "Letter 1949" production team Dong Ying and CTS were all very flustered. Dong Ying pushed the blame onto a staff that quit and expressed yesterday that they're trying their best to find out where the leaked photos have went to and will prevent them from being published. CTS on the other hand is busy trying to rearrange all the promotion events that Yo Wei has withdrew from. Pan Chong Wei also regretfully expressed that Yo Wei was acting two kinds of character in this drama. He was so deeply involved that he even seemed to have autism at some point during filming. Yet the outcome was such treatment. They will not work with Dong Ying again in the future.

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