Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New drama "Divorce March" from SETTV

SETTV's new drama "Divorce March" starring Tammy Chen just announced last week that "King of Adventure" host Wang You Sheng will be replacing Wallace Huo who resigned from the role. However, yestreday, China production team for "The Lost Temple (失蹤的上清寺)" jumped out to mention that Tammy has already signed a contract with them and was suppose to report for filming yesterday. "Divorce" producer Wang Pei Hua expressed that Tammy has long signed an agreement to star in "Divorce" and will be booked by them till December. She has already accepted their down payment too. Tammy Chen is now put in a situation where she has conflicting contracts and might even face lawsuits!

"Divorce March" has been having delays in starting filming due to the various issues such as the change in director and resigning of Wallace Huo. The manager in charge of Tammy's China contracts, Ye Ke Tang thus accepted "The Lost Templer" for her instead, causing this conflicting contract issues now. Yesterday, Tammy's Taiwan manager Jia Hui stepped out and clarified that they originally agreed with the "Divorce" crew to wait till September 15. However, due to the constant postponing, they then decided to give Tammy's October 25 - January 15 schedule slot to the China production team.

Jia Hui is now arranging with the "Divorce" team to let Tammy film "Lost" first to avoid clashes but "Divorce" production team refuses to let her film 2 dramas at one time. Ye Ke Tang angrily expressed yesterday that "There isn't any contract signed but they refuse to let her go! Nobody respect the meaning behind a contract anymore?"

Tammy also expressed regretfully yesterday that though she didn't win the Golden Bell Award through "Story of Time", she really want to thank Wang Pei Hua for her support. "I promised Pei Hua Sister to wait for her!" and she said that she has orally told the company before to not accept "Lost" and she's feeling very troubled now.

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