Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ella Koon with Window 7 demonstation

Ella Koon attended the promotion press conference for window 7 the other day. She also demonstrated the various functions of the computer. Reporter asked whether she had asked her boyfriend for help when she has problem with the computer? Ella replied that she didn't want to talk about her boyfriend.

Ella revealed that she has lost her voice recently and she is worried about her health. She said "The doctor said I need to rest my voice for at least 3 moths. If I continue to sing too much, it would damage my vocal cord. Nowadays, apart from singing, I hardly talk." Ella went on to say she has never worried about her health before and now she has to rearranged her workload. She may have to decline some of the invitations. This is because she doesn't want to push herself too much. Ella disclosed that she likes to talk, but now she has to be quiet." Ella added "I don't talk to people I don't know very well on the phone, instead I use the text."

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