Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy birthday Aaron Kwok

Aaron Kwok will be 44 today, and he has a day off from the producer. He had made it clear earlier that he will not be celebrating his birthday with rumored girlfriend Lynn. In fact, Aaron already knew Lynn is not in Hong Kong.

Aaron was wearing a suit yesterday when he attended "Longines" new shop opening ceremony. Aaron is the spokesperson for Longines and he was there to celebrate their 120th anniversary. Aaron also wore the watch Retrograde worth 80,000 HKD given to him as a gift from the company. He revealed that he is interested to collect all limited brand watches, and the watch he is wearing has only got 120 in the world. Aaron told reporter he hasn't planned how to celebrate his birthday yet.

Aaron disclosed that he was invited as special guest in a tennis activity. He was than supposed to fly to Thailand to work on a new film "The detective" directed by Oxide Pang. However, the director knew it's his birthday, he gave him a day off work. Aaron said "If the lyric of "The Storm Warriors II" is ready, I will come back first to do the recording. It may record till the early hours, than we can have dinner with my colleagues." Reporter asked if he would celebrate his birthday with Lynn? Aaron said "No, I hear she is not in hong Kong. (You know where she is?) I only found out from the newspaper. (It's Mango Wong's birthday next month. Are you going to celebrate her birthday with her?) I have no comment."

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