Friday, October 02, 2009

"Forevermark" gave Kuroki Meisa the "Forevermark Award"

Today the diamond brand "Forevermark" gave Kuroki Meisa the "Forevermark Award" for being a woman with both, rare talent and an ultimate beauty. She attended the event in a sexy dress to show at least one of the reasons why she received this award. Reporters flooded her with questions regarding her rumored relationship with kabuki actor Nakamura Shido, but she didn’t even react to those questions at all.

Kuroki sure deserves this award and she feels very honored about it. "I’m happy to receive an award that appreciates my work. It made me much more confident about working as an actress." She also received a 1.1 carat solitaire pendant of Forevermark’s Encordia Collection. Upon receiving the pendant, Kuroki commented with a smile, "I would like to polish myself more than I did so far and become an actress appropriate for such an award!"

She really wasn’t able to stop gazing at the pendant and said, "I can feel the weight of the polished diamond, it really makes you want to protect it."

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