Friday, October 02, 2009

Ivy Chen is at a new body lotion advertisement

Recently, Ivy Chen filmed a new body lotion advertisement, and for the first time, showed off her sexy back and shoulders. Ivy wanted to reveal a bit, but at the same time didn't want to expose herself, so she had on 2 half-covering breast pads. She lay on the bed and displayed a sweet expression on her face, but because she was so scared that she would expose herself, she grasped the bedsheets very tightly. But because she was too nervous, she kept getting cramps, and after a whole day of filming, Ivy said that it was even more tiring than doing yoga. However, when she saw the result, she was very pleased and joked: "I can go and film for the cover of men's magazines!"

Before the photoshoot, Ivy received a big beauty treatment from head to toe. A week earlier, she pampered herself with milk baths, and also diligently applied the body lotion which she endorses after taking a bath. She even went to get her nails and face done. Although her appearance is sweet and beautiful, Ivy's personality is actually quite a tom-boy. Usually, she would hardly ever get her nails done, and when she saw how popular the nail salon was, and that there even private rooms for girls to dress up in, she was very surprised.

Recently, Ivy's film 'Heard' has gained good results at the box office. And although television drama 'Black & White' has been nominated under 11 categories in the upcoming Golden Bell Awards, she's become the biggest regret. Many fans are disappointed for her, but she said that she does not mind whether she is nominated or not, the most important thing is that everyone likes her and her acting.

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