Thursday, October 15, 2009

GReeeeN first best album on November

The popular group GReeeeN plans to release its first best album on November 25. The collection will be called "Ima Made no A-men, B-men Desuto!?" and will consist of two discs containing all of the group's songs released on singles so far.

GReeeeN has so far put out 11 singles since their debut in January 2007. Those releases account for 13 A-sides and 11 B-sides, for a total of 24 songs included in the collection. Together, those songs have accumulated more than 20 million chaku-uta and chaku-uta full downloads, a strong indicator of the group's popularity.

The album will be released in two forms - a limited edition "Super DEST!? BOX" and a standard "Super DEST!? DISC." The box version is made up of six different items (including a calendar and a travel toothbrush set), arranged to form a cube.

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