Thursday, October 15, 2009

Season 2 of the " Liar Game " drama series

With the second season of the "LIAR GAME" drama series starting next month, Fuji TV has announced a spin-off of the show that will be available through the network's online video service Fuji TV On Demand.

Titled "LIAR GAME: Episode 0," the spin-off will reportedly run for 12 episodes, each lasting under two minutes. The story takes place seven years before all of the show's characters met in the first season. The protagonist Nao (Erika Toda) will instead be played by Mayuko Fukuda, while Akiyama (Shota Matsuda) will be played by Yuta Furukawa.

The pricing has been set at 105 yen per episode, though a complete package will be available for 735 yen. The spin-off will begin on October 27.

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