Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jay Chou and Cindy new release 'Sand Painting'

During the recent FETnet advertisement, a young girl has captured the hearts of the audience. With her beautiful appearance & bright smile, Cindy Yen has sparked many netizen's discussions & debates. But this girl doesn't just have a pretty face; the music in the advertisement is composed by her, the lyrics are written by her & she even produced it! She also specially wrote english lyrics to fulfil the requirements of the ad. And Jay Chou has just signed her under his company JVR Music. She is the first female junior that Asia King Jay Chou has signed, and her arrival & the music that she has brought has already attracted everyone's eyes & ears! But even more, Jay will duet with her in her new title track 'Sand Painting' which Cindy has composed and the lyrics are written by Vincent Fang. This is the first time that Jay Chou has ever sung a song that is not composed by himself, and this song will be released globally today on Hit FM, and everyone will be able to see & hear her amazing talent!

Jay Chou hasn't sung many duets in the past. The ones he has sung: 'Rooftops' with Landy Wen & 'Coral Seas' with Lara has left a big impression on the public, and is one of the most popular sung songs at KTV! Hence, his new duet with Cindy 'Sand Painting' is receiving alot of attention & anticipation! Although Jay singing a duet isn't too surprising, but the surprising thing is that this song is composed by Cindy & this will be the first time ever that Jay sings a song that isn't composed by himself. This shows his full confidence in Cindy's ability & talent in music. And to Jay's fans, their idol has been extremely busy throughout this year, and for the first time, he won't be releasing an album this year. Hence, perhaps the release of this song 'Sand Painting' can partly make up for that, and at the same time, allow everyone to meet this very talented newcomer.

Cindy actually has alot in common with Jay as the 2 both come from a classical music background, and their conversations are always about music. Cindy began learning the piano at 5 years old & the violin at 10 years old. She was born in Texas, America but was often bullied by her classmates due to her Asian face & when she was 12, she also had to face her parent's divorce. Hence, music gradually became her best friend & the most important thing in her life that accompanied her throughout her childhood. When she was 17, she headed to Taiwan, aiming to achieve her dream of becoming a singer. She sent many DEMOs of her music to various big music companies. At first her mother was very opposed to the idea and wanted her to concentrate on her studies, however gradually, she began to see how important this was to her daughter.

Eventually, Cindy met JVR & they used a different angle to view her music. They gave her alot of space to create her own music, and let her do whatever she wanted with it. Her debut album will be released on the 30th of October. Cindy expressed: "Right now, I still can't believe it! It's like a dream! Very excited but also very nervous! To me, not only has this achieved my dream, but in the future, I hope to be able to help my mother to share her responsibility and burdens, and I want to be her source of pride!"

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