Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jin Akanishi release a single album " BANDAGE "

Jin Akanishi, a member of the popular boyband KAT-TUN, will release a single called BANDAGE along with musician and producer Takeshi Kobayashi, in their newly-formed group LANDS.

LANDS is a fictional group formed for the movie "BANDAGE". Akanishi plays the character Natsu, responsible for the main vocals of the title song, and Takeshi Kobayashi, known for his works as Mr.Children's producer, will be the group's general sound supervisor.

BANDAGE, which will serve as the theme song for the movie, is described as a danceable rock tune. It will go on sale on November 25th in two limited versions, one of these including its instrumental counterpart and the other including its music video and making-of in a separate DVD.

With scripts and production by Iwai Shunji, the movie also has performances by Kaneko Nobuaki (from rock group RIZE), Kitano Kie, Kengo Kora and Miki Shibamoto. It is set to debut in theaters in Japan in January 2010.

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